A Blend of Haute Cuisine with Farm-Raised Food: Cuisine Solutions dines at June Restaurant

Located about three hours from Chicago, June Restaurant in Peoria Heights, Illinois rivals the excitement and innovation of any fine dining city restaurant. Chef/Owner Josh Adams and Sous-Chef/Pastry Chef Josh Lanning (pictured below) define June’s menu with an interesting mix of molecular gastronomy and farm-raised food. Chef Adams utilizes the slow-cooking technique, or sous-vide, to perfect the textures and flavors of the food. The changing menu offers seasonal dishes that diners can choose a la carte, along with the option of partaking in a 3-course or 7-course tasting menu (with optional wine pairings). 

On this dining occasion, our group was seated with a view of the open kitchen and the chefs hard at work. Preparing each dish with meticulous precision, the chefs used kitchen tweezers to plate delicate garnishes. Chef Adams was incredibly attentive and oversaw each dish served from the kitchen.            

Our group of five started with a selection of first course items. A notable starter dish was the Green Gold Acres Farm Fresh Egg with House-made Pancetta, Coffee Smoked Shitake Mushrooms, Brioche and Hollandaise. The egg, which was cooked sous-vide, was delicious and perfectly executed. The flavorful array of ingredients on the plate added for a lovely contrast of flavors. The Bone Marrow Soup, pictured below, was another wonderful first course plate. Light and fluffy, the soup was served with Onion Marmalade and Black Trumpet Bread.   

Our group chose the Wild Boar Meatball entree for the next first course. The Boar, which is a very lean meat, was cooked perfectly. Chef paired the Meatball with elements of Blood Orange, including Blood Orange Thyme Potato Gnocchi, adding a nice citrus twist to the dish. The plate also included Pickled, Candied and Roasted Beets, along with a Blood Orange Emulsion and Beet Green Pistou. 

For the main course, our group ordered the Dietzler Farms Beef Cheek Tortellini. Chef Adams innovative preparation of proteins was very much evident in this delicious dish. Served with Henry’s Farm Red Turnips, Aigre-Doux Pear and Sunchoke Cream, the plate was artistically decorated and presented beautifully.

Another interesting and delicious main plate was the Rabbit Boudin Blanc. Served with Chef’s Garden Radish, Dragon Berry Farms “Hidden Rose” Apples and Mustard Caviar, the plate was a playful mix of flavors and textures.

For dessert, June offers a variety of house-made ice cream and sorbet like Toasted Hazelnut and Bourbon Vanilla, along with other delicious treats. Overall, June is an innovative, unique dining experience that combines haute cuisine with fresh, farm-raised food. Chef Adams has most definitely succeeded in bringing cutting-edge food to Peoria Heights, Illinois.


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